Friday – Swim

Open Water Swim

Friday 6:30 am regular Lucky’s Lake swim

Just because you are doing an open water swim doesn’t mean that your only goal is to get to the other side. Make sure each swim count. Please follow this open water workout.

Warm up: 15 min Build
Main Set:
4 x
20 strokes Fast tempo
20 strokes Easy with strong Kick
30 Strokes Fast Tempo
20 strokes Cruise
5 stroeks Recovery
-Return to shore and repeat –
Note: ont he tempo and cruise sets, sight every 10 strokes.
Tip: when you increase your tempo, try to swim fast. Anyone can swim “hard”; not everyone swims fast. Increase speed to drop your compettion or people trying to draft on your heels.

Friday 6PM virtual Golden Mile®  We have a mass start at 6pm, there will be no timing, no lifeguards, you may use pull buoys, fins, snorkels, wetsuits etc. You will get your T-shirt, Swag bag, survivor medallion (if you live to finish).

Saturday GOLDEN MILE® (no regular  Lucky’s Lake Swim today) Race starts at 8 AM  for more race information 

Sunday -No Swim

Monday Memorial Day- Lucky’s Lake Swim at 7:45am

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