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Saturday – Ride

Location: Advanced Cycle / Lee Vista

Arrival Time: 6:30 am (Still dark, must have lights)

Start Time: 6:45 am (We will leave on time)


– 30 min warm up build from Zone 1 – Zone 2

– 5 min All out (Press the lap button when done)

– 10 min easy (Press the lap button when done)

– 20 min all out (Press the lap button when done)

– 1 – 2 hours at Zone 2 effort

Run after bike: 20 – 30 min

Week of Sept 16 – 22, 2019

Time:5:30 AM5:00 AM5:30 AM5:00 AM5:30 AM7:00 AM6:00 AM
Location:Aquatic CenterDTWNAquatic CenterDTWNAquatic CenterLee Vista / StarbucksDTWN
Sport:SwimBike Trainer / RunSwimBike Trainer / Run (Track)SwimLong BikeLong Run
Focus:Muscular EnduranceThreshold WorkSpeed WorkThreshold WorkMuscular EnduranceMuscular EnduranceTempo/Endurance

Saturday – Run

Location: Clay Road

Duration: 10-16 miles

Time: 6:00 am


Augusta and North Carolina: 10 miles

Ironman Florida, Cozumel and Arizona: 16 miles

Monday – Swim

Warm up

200 easy/ 200 kick/ 200 pull / 200 choice

6×75 on 20 sec rest as 50 fast/25 easy.

Main Set

3x (3×100 Fast with on 1 min rest, 1×200 easy on 10 sec rest)

3×100 kick on 20 sec rest.

Warm Down

200 choice

Nice, France Update and Back to Normal Schedule

Hello Team,

Update from Nice, France!

I hope you are all doing well when you receive this email. Now that we all survived the scare of Dorian. It is time to get back to our normal schedule. However, a quick update on what is happening in Nice, France.

Almost everyone has arrived in Nice, France. Donnie comes today! We drove the bike course on Tuesday, and the guys are up for a challenge. The bike is exceptionally hilly and technical. Hence it is the World Championship for 70.3. I am very confident in all of my athletes as they have worked hard, done their training, and ready to be strategic on their race.

Getting out of the water.
Mediterranean Sea

The swim – The mediterranean sea is gorgeous, warm, and extremely salty. Therfore, i doubt it will be wetsuit legal and with the salt content of the sea… you will be floating like a buoy.

The bike – On a course like this, you have to focus on the big picture, the first 25 miles you are climbing non-stop. However, when you get to the top, you have a long descent with switch-backs, bad roads, technical turns, and sketchy descents. Many people brought their road bikes instead of their Tri Bikes to do this course. Many people will go hard on the bike and dwindle on the run. Therefore, save your legs for the run. They have to be smart.

Flat Run Course

The run – Flat and hot! However, the humidity is very low. If they are smart on the bike, they will have a successful run.

The wine in France is amazing – Super inexpensive! Lets not talk about the bread!

Enclosed you will have the weekend breakdown:


  • Aquatic Center – Please do the following workout.
  • Time: 5:30 am


  • Warm up:
    • 4 x 50 as (3 free / 1 kick) on 10 sec ri
  • Main Set:
    • 30 x 25 as:
      • 10 stroke easy
      • 10 free moderate
      • 10 free on faster interval 10 sec RI
  • 20 x 50 as
    • 5 Choice Easy on 15 RI
    • 15 free:
      • – 1 – 5 mode on 15 ri
      • – 6 – 10 a little faster on 10 sec ri
      • – 11 – 15 very fast on 5 sec ri
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 choice

Saturday – Sprint Triathlon and / or Long Brick

  • Duration: 3:00 hour ride followed by a 8 miles run. Please practice with your nutrition and hydration.
  • Will discuss with the coaches and will send location.

Sunday – Long Run on your own.

  • Ironman Arizona, Florida and Cozumel – 16 miles.
  • 70.3 Augusta and North Carolina – 12 miles
    • Please run the first portion of the run at your long run pace. The last 4 miles of each will be at tempo pace. Walk 20 sec after each mile if you need to so you can keep your HR on check.

Weekend update

Hello team,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping your safe in Orlando.

This weekend Jennifer will be leading the club out of Lake Minneola Waterfront park at 5:45 am.

Please arrive in time so you can depart at 6:00 am. Please bring lights.


Location: Waterfront park, lake minneola, clermont

Led by Jennifer Sturgess

Arrival time: 5:45 am

Departure: 6:00 am


  • Bike duration 2-3 hours
  • Run after bike: 4-6 miles


70.3 Augusta and North Carolina: 13-14 miles

IRONMAN Florida, Cozumel or Arizona: 15-16 miles

Please be safe

Wednesday – Swim