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Sunday – Run (Update)

Hello team,

I have at athletes racing at Sebring, Florida! Therefore, I have to be there early in the morning.

Jennifer and Carlos will be leading to run tomorrow at 7:30 AM out of Baldwin Park.

Keep up the good work and wish good luck to the athletes racing in Sebring, Fl!

Pictures of today’s open water swim clinic! Thank you Ana Caminas for everything!

Thursday – Run

Hello Team,

Meeting Spot

Time: 5:30 am

Location: Red Pagoda at Lake Eola.

Route: Speed work

Coach: Torres

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hector L Torres

Head Coach

Sports Development | Tri Peak Athlete / CFL Tri Club

www.tripeakathlete.com www.cfltriclub.com
617 Virginia Dr. , Orlando, FL , 32803
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Sunday – Workout

Good evening team,

Today was an amazing day!

The Special Olympic Triathlon Team competed on their first triathlon of the season and they did amazing. Thank you to all of the Unified Partners that stood by their side and allowed them to show the world what they are capable of achieving anything they set their mind to do!

Congratulations as well to all of the agentes who also raced today:

  • Mariangel
  • Steve M
  • Sebastian
  • Alex W
  • Donnie Mc

Enclosed you will find the schedule for Sunday:

– Space Coast Ride

Ride the beautiful Brevard/Volusia section of the Florida Coast to Coast Trail! There are very few road crossings and long stretches of flat fast trail! The section we are riding goes from Mims to Sanford with a Spur out to New Smyrna!

Meet: 0730

Where: Aurantia Road Trailhead, Mims, FL 32754 (Corner of Aurantia Rd and Railroad St Mims, FL)

Coach Jeff Meister

– Airport Ride

– Time 6:30 am

Duration: 2 hours – 3 hours

I will not be leading the ride. Please ride safe.

Keep up the good work!

Cool Sommer Mornings Series #1 – Happy Days – June 5, 2021

Special Olympic Triathletes of Florida are ready to race on Saturday! A few athletes couldn’t make it to the training session today, but I know they are training from home! Big shout out to all of the athletes racing at the Cool Sommer Morning Series – Happy Days!

  • Caleb
  • Victoria
  • Saris
  • Annemarie
  • Jennifer
  • Abigail
  • Adrienne
  • Aj
  • Chad
  • Zachary
  • Brandon
  • Frank
  • Kennet
  • Jonathan
  • Ryan
  • Juliette
  • Kyle
  • Thomas
  • Kairee
  • Joshua

For information on coaching for Triathlon, swimming, biking, running or whichever sport you practice… we will create a program for you.

Fee free to contact us for more information.

Keep on training!

• Discount code for the race: CFTC102

Wednesday – Swim and Ride

Virtual Session

Virtual Bike Session: 12n

– zoom ID: 868 0562 1340

Workout type: Swim

500 warm up focusing on distance per stroke

10 x 50 as drill down swim back

single arm drill and fist drill

main set:

5 x 100 on the 2:20 hard efforts

200 buoy pull

5 x 100 on the 2:10 harder effort

200 buoy pull

5 x 100 on the 2:00 hardest effort


200 choice

Weekend Update – Bike Ride

Hello team,

Enclosed you’ll find the information for this weekends ride:

Jennifer and Carlos will be leading the rides as I am out of town coaching a camp in Salt Lake City! Keep up the good work!

Click here for more information: https://cfltriclub.wordpress.com/about/join-the-club/

Friday – Swim

Warm up

– 200 free / 200 kick / 200 pull with buoy / 200 free all at 65-75 %

Drill work

6 x 50 m as 25 fist drill / 25 free style Wk the 15 sec recovery ( take your time on doing this drill I want you to emphasize on theory on how much water you’re grabbing with your forearm on the catch phase of your stroke)

8 x 50 m as 25 single arm drill with the opposite arm extension in front of you / 25 free style wi tho 15 sec recovery (when doing the single arm drill, your primary emphasis is fully extending the arm when it enters the water, catching water and we’re forcefully catching water and to throw the water back towards your hip. If your hand is not scratching your thigh you’re cutting your stroke too short. The opposite arm is extended in front of you the entire time.)

Main set:

2 rounds of the following

  • 200 free at 85% with 15 sec recover
  • 100 kick fast with board
  • 150 free at 95% with 20 sec recovery
  • 100 kick fast with board
  • 100 free at 100% (race pace) with 30 sec recovery
  • 100 kick fast with board
  • 2 x 50 sprint – all out with 45 sec recovery
  • 100 kick easy
  • Repeat

Cool down

200 freestyle

Click here to join: https://cfltriclub.wordpress.com/about/join-the-club/

Wednesday – Swim

Enclosed you will find the swim workout for Wednesday! Keep on swimming!

Warm up:

3 x 125 as 100 Free / 25 Stroke with 15 sec recovery

4 x 50 as 25 drill / 25 tarzan drill with 15 sec recovery

6 x 100 as 50 build / 50 easy pull with 15 sec recovery

Main set:

300 Free at 85%

3 x 100 as 75 at 85% / 25 Flutter kick on your back with 20 RI

100 easy

Kick set

100 easy kick with board

4 x 50 kick with board with 15 sec recovery

4 x 25 kick with board at 100%

Pull set:

8 x 150 pull as 50 85% / 50 at 75% / 50 at 85%

Cool down:

100 stroke


Congratulations to The athletes who raced this morning at the Space Coast Triathlon!
Luis Ortiz – 1st Overall
Jeff Meister – 1st Clydesdale
Maryory Calixto – Duathlon

For information on coaching for Triathlon, swimming, biking, running or whichever sport you practice… we will create a program for you.

Fee free to contact us for more information.

Keep on grinding!