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Test Week – Yeah! (July 30 – August 5, 2018)

As your training progresses so does your fitness level. Therefore, testing your progress is important. I encourage you to take tomorrow off. But, if you are dying to do something, you can do the easy swim tomorrow listed below.


Warm up 200 easy.

6×75 on 20 sec rest, (50 fast/25 easy.)

Main Set


(3×100 on 1 min rest, 1×200 easy on 10 sec rest)


3×100 kick on 20 sec rest.


Warm down 200 easy.

Enclosed you will find the schedule of the week:

Monday– Recovery Swim (on your own)

Tuesday– Downtown YMCA / 5 am / Bike Test and Run

Wednesday – Downtown YMCA / 5 am / Run Test

Thursday – Brick Workout on the Track / 5 am

Friday – Swim Test (it will be posted)

Saturday – UCF Research parkway 6:15 am / Bike duration 3:00 hr

Sunday – Lee Vista /436 – 6:15 am/ Bike duration: 3 hour

Thank you to all of the assistant coaches and team members for a great workouts that we had this past weekend. Also, good luck to all of the athletes are racing in nationals this upcoming weekend.

Sunday – Bike / Run

Location: Downtown YMCA

Roll out time: 5:00 am (must have lights) Please arrive 15 min prior to start time.

Speeds: 21-24 mph

Duration: 2 hr bike 30 min run

We will be running at the track afterwards.

Saturday – Bike / Run Brick

Lake Louisa State Park

Arrive at 8.

Start time 8:30

Bring water, nutrition and electrolytes.

Duration: 2 hours

All levels welcome.

Are you Racing Augusta? – Camp Details

If you are racing Augusta, and you are not in this list… please let me know ASAP.

Last Name First Name Age Group Club Name Division
Caminas Ana F65-69 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Campbell Lori F50-54 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Capps Kim F50-54 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Dickson Steve M60-64 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Freeman Linda A F45-49 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Gray David M65-69 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Grieb Dan M40-44 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Ildefonso Yara F50-54 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Mendoza Carlos M45-49 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Nunn James M40-44 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Sanders Jason M45-49 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Smith Patricia F60-64 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Sturgess Jennifer F50-54 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Villar Illeana F40-44 Central Florida Tri Club IV
Wolcott Leslie F35-39 Central Florida Tri Club IV

The weekend training camp is going to be held on August 23 – 26, 2018. Please reserve your room at Hotels.com

The hotel we are staying in is at:

ECCO Suites – Augusta, Augusta

1062 Claussen Rd, Augusta, GA, 30907, United States of America, 800-491-6126

Room Rate: $94 – $99

Please book ASAP.


We are planning a camp for Augusta on August 23 – 26, 2018.
Arriving Thursday (Travel Day) – Dinner
Friday – Swim and Bike (56 miles)
Saturday – Bike (56 miles) and Run
Sunday – Long Run (Travel Day)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your coach,

Coach Torres

Weekend Schedule- July 14-15, 2018

Good morning team,


Group A – Not racing

Many people are going to be racing this weekend at the Claremont sprint race. Therefore, we’re going to hold a group riding out of Killarney in Windermere station at 6 AM. The group will be riding for two hours. will be led by Michelle and James Nunn.

Group B – Racing

For those athletes were racing at the Claremont triathlon sprint race, please arrive at 5 AM at the race venue. Make sure you set everything up properly. After your race you have a two hour bike ride as zone two. Make sure you get it done. Do not be a “skinny fatty” and be lazy!


Sunday is going to be a nice easy zone 2 run out of the downtown YMCA starting at 6 AM. You going to go for at least 10 miles. If you’re going for distance and not time.

Tuesday – Bike / Run at the Track

Tomorrow morning we will be meeting at the track at Howard middle school at 5 am. Please bring enough hydration, nutrition, towels and your running shoes.

Saturday- Bike / Run

Saturday – Bike / Run

Group A: 5 am – Dtwn YMCA

Note: You must have lights to ride in the dark! Enough nutrition for three hours.

Group B: 6 am – Research Parkway

Duration: 3 hours / 30 min run.

Leaving on time. No exceptions.

Group A will meet at Group B at UCF research Parkway.