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Weekend Revision – May 13 – 14, 2023

Hello Team,

There is a revision for this weekends schedule please read below. Coach Torres will be leading the workout, please arrive on time.


  • Arrival Time: 7:15 am
  • Roll out time: 7:30 am
  • Location: Esporta – 5915 South Goldenrod Rd. Orlando, FL
  • Duration: 2 – 3 hour ride followed by a 30 min run


  • Arrival Time: 6:15 am
  • Run out time: 6:30 am
  • Location: Tri Peak Athlete – 1700 S. Bumby Ave. Orlando, FL 32806
  • Duration: 2 – 3 hour ride followed by a 30 min run

Please bring appropriate nutrition for both segments.

Coach Torres

Week of May 8 – 14, 2023

Good morning team,

I am very proud of everyone’s hard work over the weekend. Your hard work has paid off.

Warriors getting ready for battle!


Enclosed you will find the schedule for this week. There isn’t a condition session on Monday night.

Keep up the good work and I will see you this week!

Coach Torres

Week of February 27 – March 5, 2023

Hello Team,

What an amazing weekend. We kicked off our 1st Special Olympic Triathlon Clinic at Lake Louisa. It was a huge success.

I am very proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication. It is paying off.

Best Damn Race – Lake Eola

This weekend is the BDR in Orlando. I am very excited to see all of you race this weekend. Our tent is going be set up at lake Eola somewhere in the North Lawn near the Eola House or in the Farmer’s Market Circle. Please arrive arrive at 6:45 am for a group pic. If you haven’t signed up, you can still sign up at: https://orlando.bestdamnrace.com


Passive Heat Acclimatization

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Pexels.com

As we are getting ready for a hot race it is very important to get heat acclimatized. Therefore, I recommend a passive heat acclimatization. This is a process of gradually and naturally allowing the body to adjust to warmer temperatures. It involves staying outdoors in hot weather or sitting in a sauna for a period of time. Initially, the body may feel uncomfortable in the heat and sweat profusely as it attempts to cool itself down, but over time, the body becomes accustomed to hot weather and is better able to regulate its temperature.

This process can help reduce symptoms of heat illness such as cramping and dehydration. Additionally, passive heat acclimatization can help improve endurance and performance in hot weather. Some strategies for passive heat acclimatization include spending increased amounts of time outdoors, wearing fewer layers of clothing when outside, and avoiding physical activity during the hottest part of the day. It is very important to hydrate and take some electrolytes during this process. Start off with 10 min and then gradually build to 20 min. With regular practice and patience, passive heat acclimatization can help individuals become more comfortable in high temperatures.


1. “Heat Acclimatization.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Department of Health and Human Services, 24 Oct. 2019, http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/heatstress/acclimatization.html

2. Kravitz, Len. “How to Acclimatize to Hot Weather.” Verywell Fit, Dotdash, 5 May 2020, http://www.verywellfit.com/accustoming-to-hot-weather-2911174.

3. “Heat Acclimatization: How Your Body Adapts to the Heat – Physician’s Choice Wellness and Weight Loss.” Physician’s Choice Wellness and Weight Loss, 2 Mar. 2020, http://www.physicianschoiceweightloss.com/blog/heat-acclimatization/.

4. Thompson, Pippa. “Heat Acclimatization: The Benefits of Adapting to the Heat.” American College of Sports Medicine, 10 July 2017, http://www.acsm.org/blogs/public-health-science/heat-acclimatization-the-benefits-adapting-to-heat.

Monday – Swim

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • Warm up:
    • 500 yards focusing on distance per stroke
    • 10 x 50 as drill down swim back
      • single arm drill and fist drill 
  • Main Set:
    • 5 x 100 on the 2:20 hard efforts
      • 200 buoy pull
        • 5 x 100 on the 2:10 harder effort
      • 200 buoy pull
      • 5 x 100 on the 2:00 hardest effort
  • Cool Down
    • 200 choice

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Weekend Update: Feb 11 – 12, 2023

Hello Team,

Enclosed you will find the update for this weekend.


  • Sport: Bike / Run
  • Time: 6 am / 7 am
  • Location: ESPORTA / La Fitness – 5915 S. Goldenrod Rd. Orlando, FL 32822
  • Duration: 2:30 – 3 hours / 30 min run


  • Sport: Run
  • Time: 7 am
  • Location: Tri Peak Athlete
  • Duration: 80 – 90 min

Join The Club

Come join the largest Triathlon Club in Central Florida and the most structured club in the Nation! All level of athletes are welcome: beginner, intermediate, advanced and physically challenged. We have a group of Elite USA Triathlon experienced coaches to help you achieve your goals. Coached sessions held 7 days a week.

Register today: https://www.active.com/orlando-fl/triathlon/camps/2023-cfl-tri-club-annual-dues-2022

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Coach Torres – 321-443-0073

2022 CFL Tri Club Housekeeping Items

Hello Team,

If you haven’t already, please provide me your information for the 2022 Roster. I need this for the insurance. Please visit the link below:

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/27KP525

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Rudy Project

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Weekend of Nov 12 – 13, 2021

Calendar Weekend of Nov 12 – 13, 2021

Chris Nikic Inclusion Party.

  • When: Friday November 12 from 6:00 to…
  • Where: Chris Nikic new house – 1913 Benhurst Place Maitland Fl 32751
  • Who: You are welcome to invite your friends m, TriClub and someone who doesn’t usually get invited.
  • What: Bring your biggest smile and a willingness to talk to and get to know someone who is not like you. It’s not real inclusion until we party and eat together. Don’t bring anything. We will host the party. We will provide the Food, drinks and dessert. (Maybe a folding chair if you want to sit)

Weekend Update – May 30 – 31, 2020

Hello Team,

I hope you are all doing well. A couple of things, Enclosed you will find the following items:

Tri Club Uniform

  • Mens Uniform
  • Womens Uniform

Please contact Andre at contact@kiwamitri.com. Please advise him if you are with Tri Peak Athlete or the CFL Tri Club.

Women’s Uniform

Weekend Schedule:



  • Location: DTWN YMCA
  • Sport: Run
  • Arrival: 5:50 am
  • Start Time; 6:00 am
  • Distance: 6 mi, 10 mi, 13.1 mi

Ironman Virtual Challenge

Make sure you register online.

Recovery week / Race Week

Hello Team,

This is a great week as many athletes are going to be racing at Ironman 70.3 Haines City and it is Recovery week.

Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this weekend:

  • Galveston 70.3
    • Lina Miller
    • Cisco Chavez
  • Ride Across Florida
    • Laura Minns
    • Illeana Villar

Taper and Race Week:

This week, it is important to tone it down and don’t over due it. Taper can be defined as a reduction in training with the goal of having the athlete sharp at the end of taper. The goal of sharpness is to optimize fitness for a amazing performance at an important race.

Therefore, don’t go crazy in the training this week as you may feel very strong. Hold it up and give it to me on Race Day!

Enclosed you will find the schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday
    • 5:00 am
    • Sport: Brick: Bike/Run
    • Location: Downtown YMCA
    • Make Sure you bring bike, bike trainer and your running shoes.
  • Wednesday
    • 5:30 AM
    • Swim
    • Location: Aquatic Center
    • Make sure to do your dynamic warm up before 5:30 am.
    • Note: If you are racing this week, please swim Lucky’s Lake at least 2 laps.
  • Thursday
    • 5:00 am
    • Sport: Run
    • Location: Downtown YMCA
    • Note: There will be two different workouts for those racing and those not racing.
  • Friday
    • The Aquatic Center will be closed due to Masters Swim Meet! Therefore, I recommend you to go to Lucky’s Lake.
    • If you are racing, please take the day off and rest!
  • Saturday
    • Meet at 7:15 / Roll out 7:30 am
    • UCF Research Parkway
    • Duration: 2 hours – 3 hours followed by a 20 min run
  • Sunday
    • Race Day!
    • If you are not racing, it will be great if you can go and support the team,

Weekend Training -Dec 8 – 9, 2018

  • Saturday (Bike Ride / Run)
    • Group A
      • Location: DTWN YMCA – 433 N Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803
      • 6 am
      • 3 hour ride
      • Must have lights
    • Group B
      • Advanced Cycle – Lee Vista and 436
      • 7 am
      • 3 hour ride
  • Sunday – Run
    • Distance 9 – 13 miles
    • Time: 6 am
    • Location: DTWN YMCA

Good luck too all of the athletes races this weekend!

Week of September 5 – 9, 2018

Hello Team, 

I hope you are all doing well. Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this past weekend at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

  • Dr M. 
  • Constantine M Jr. 
  • David Berlant
  • -Robbie Berlant
  • Lina Miller 

This week schedule will be adding the race for this weekend in Clermont, Florida. 








Tri Club

Aquatic Center

Downtown YMCA

Aquatic center

Downtown YMCA

Aquatic center

Lake Minneola – Clermont

Downtown YMCA


5:30 AM

5 AM

5:30 AM

5:00 AM

5:30 AM

6:00 AM

5:00 AM



Bike / Run


Bike / Run


Race – Followed by a 2 hour bike ride

Long Bike


1h 30m


1h 30m


1h 30m


4h 30m

End of Summer of Celebration

Please join your Triathlon Family for an end of the Summer Celebration 🎉 🎊

Meredith Rosser(Jack’s mom) has graciously offered her brand NEW home(5mins from Killarney) to host us on Saturday, September 8th. Most will be racing SommerSports last Sprint of the Clermont series and other will be out getting in their long rides/bricks in. Please stop by after to this pool party pot luck-style gathering. Please bring a dish to share, beverage of choice or something to throw on the grill.

Please rsvp so we can plan accordingly at:


 Looking forward to relaxing and celebrating our struggles and successes of this summer with our Tri family.

15734 east Oakland Avenue Oakland Florida 34787

Don’t forget your bathing suit and towels!