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Monday – Swim

This week we’re going to focus a lot on perceived exertion. Therefore when I ask for the efforts, please follow below:

Rate of Perceived Exertion
Easy: Easy means easy.
Moderate: Moderate effort means from a scale 1 to 10, I want you at five or six.
Hard Effort: When I’m asking for hard/tempo effort I want you to scale from 1 to 10 I want you at seven or eight.
Fast / Sprint: Go FAST but be smart and listen to your body!

Warm up:

300 free nice long strokes 

8 x 75 pull with 15 sec RI

300 kick with board 

Main Set:

5 x 100 easy with 15 sec RI

200 kick 

3 x 75 Fast with 30 sec RI

100 kick

1 x 75 Easy with 20 sec RI

200 kick 

2 x 75 Fast with 30 sec RI

100 kick 

1 x 75 Easy with 20 sec RI

300 kick 

1 x 75 Fast with 30 sec RI

Cool Down:

100 Free

2018 CFL Tri Club Kick Off Meeting – Today

Saturday, January 20, 2017  2:30 pm

Downtown YMCA — Fitnasium

433 N. Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Register for the Club:

Meet the coaches and connect with other fellow triathletes. The CFL Tri club is one of the oldest and largest triathlon clubs in Central Florida.  Our members’ experience levels range from first timers to professional. We are here to support all levels of triathletes by offering training sessions & clinics; monthly meetings, social activities and more.

www.cfltriclub.com  Phone: 321-443-0073