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October 4 – 5, 2014

Weather Advisory!

It is going to be a wet weekend. Therefore, we are going to make a few changes to the schedule:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

  • Time: 7 am
  • Location: 436 and Lee Vista – Starbucks
  • Duration:
    • Cozumel and Florida: 4:30 hours / 1 hour run
    • Rev 3 or Half: 4 hours / 1 hour run
    • Base Training: 3 hours / 30 min run

Sunday, October 5, 2014

  • Time: 6 am
  • Location: Downtown YMCA
  • Duration:
    • Cozumel and Florida:
      • Group A (Those who ran long on Thursday) 90 min
      • Group B (Those who didn’t run long on Wednesday) 2 hours
    • Rev 3, Half or Base Training:
      • 90 min

September 18 – 21, 2014

Getting ready for your long run….!

During triathlon training, especially during Ironman training, it is very important to prepare yourselves for your long day of trainings. You have to think your body as your engine aka “motor”.  During your training you have been spending time on your feet; which leads into increasing aerobic capacity by building muscles enzymes, capillaries that deliver blood to muscles and mitochondria (motor of the cell).  Read More

Happy Hour – Friday, September 19, 2014 – 5:30 pm

The CFL Tri Club Happy Hour is this Friday –  5:30 pm at

Marlow’s Tavern.

1008 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park. Map

Dress attire: Do not bring workout clothes or spandex. Dress to impress.

Weekend Schedule


  • 5:30 am – Aquatic Center – Swim
  • 7:30 am – Advanced Cycle – Recovery Ride – 90 – 115 min


  • 7 am – Miracle Mile 15k – Lake Eola in front of Panera
  • 9 am –  Bike Ride – Downtown YMCA – 3 hours


  • 7 am – Ride 4 Ronald – Link
    • 6:00am – Registration opens
    • 7:15am – Morning Announcements
    • 7:30am – 30, 60, & 100 mile riders released
    • 8:30am – 10 mile riders released
  • Run After bike – 30 min

FIST Bike Fitting – Orlando, FL

shapeimage_1_1shapeimage_7 Schedule your Bike Fitting – Today! What are the benefits of a proper bike fit? A proper bike fit is essential for injury prevention and maximized efficiency.  An optimal position on the bike will allow for greater comfort and enjoyment while riding.  All bodies are different and your position on the bike should reflect your biomechanics. Who can benefit from a bike fit? Generally, if you are serious enough to clip into a bike, you will benefit from a bike fit.  Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective yet economical way to improve performance. How long does a Bike fitting take? An average fit with fitting lasts 90 minutes.  However, if you have major adjustments or component changes, the fit may be longer.

Schedule your bike fitting today at: www.tripeakathlete.com or via phone:  321-443-0073