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Week of July 27 – August 2, 2015

Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this past weekend:

  • Grant Sinnott
  • Zach Sinnott
  • Quincy Collins
  • Sincy Curley
  • Marc Cortes
  • Ana Caminas
  • Don DeBeaux
  • James Nunn
  • Jose Lopez

I am proud of all of you. Your hard work has paid off!

War Wounds during the Bike and Run

Ever experience thigh rubbing so painful your legs felt like they’d brushed against a coffee grinder? Or cross a finish line, realizing that you have blood streaked down your shirt and the spectators gasp? Chafing, a triathletes right of passage, is the result of friction that occurs when skin rubs against itself or clothing. As athletes, we’ve all had our share of awkward and embarrassing events where our activities have caused discomfort in awkward and embarrassing places. As many triathletes have endured and excruciating pain in your groin, due to lacking of chamois butter, especially when you shower on freshly grazed skin knows prevention is the key.

How to prevent it:

  • Ditch cotton: it absorbs sweat and stays wet. Wear synthetic, wicking fabrics.
  • Go seamless, tagless. Seams and tags on a shirt or bra can cause irritation.
  • Get a proper fit: A too snug sports bra can dig in; the excess material of a baggy shirt can rub you raw.
  • Protect your legs: Compression shorts can save your inner thighs from abrasions.
  • Cover’em up: Nipple protectionis critical for guys. NipGuards and Band-Aids are common shields.
  • Chamois: If you’re not sure how much to put on the chamois, just rub it on yourself in the areas where the chamois will touch. It’s just like putting body lotion on, you just rub it in till it disappears.

Get greasy:

Apply lubricant to chafe prone body parts.

  • Body Glide and petroleum jelly based products are classic salves. Chapstick can save you on extreme circumstances.
  • Hydrate: drinking minimizes the salt concentration of sweat. salt has sandpaper effect on skin.
  • Moisturize:  Skin that’s well moisturized – apply lotion twice daily.

Part of the article was taken from: Runners World Magazine pg 58.