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2021 CFL Tri Club Kick Off Meeting

2021 CFL Tri Club Kick Off
Date: January 16, 2021
Time: 3 pm
Location: Tri Peak Athlete or via zoom.
617 Virginia Dr
Orlando, Fl 32803

Meet the coaches and connect with other fellow triathletes. The CFL Tri club is one of the oldest and largest triathlon clubs in Central Florida. Our members’ experience levels range from first timers to professional. We are here to support all levels of triathletes by offering training sessions & clinics; monthly meetings, social activities and more.

If interested in attending meeting via zoom please register at:

Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3148801544?pwd=N0pibHdwZEtMS2VnOVhJbXdGaUlRQT09 to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting

Saturday Ride – January 10, 2021

Hello team,

As you are aware tomorrow morning is going to be extremely cold.

Therefore, I’m going to move the bike session indoors. If you like to join me virtually please login with the following zoom login:

Log ID: 868 0562 1340

Time: 6 am

You’re more welcome to join me out of my studio as well. If you would like to, please send me a text message.

Coach Torres

Swim Workout – Muscular End

Focus: Muscular Endurance

Warm up

200 free

200 kick side to side (6 kicks / 3 strokes/ 6 kicks 3 strokes) with fins

6 x 50 build (gradually build your pace) with 15 seconds recovery

6 x 50 as 25 freestyle /25 backstroke at 85% of your effort with 20 seconds recovery

Main set

10 x 50 with paddles no buoy at 85% with 30 seconds recovery

200 choice

6 x 50 with paddles no buoy at 85% with 30 seconds recovery

200 kick with fins and board

5 x 25 at 95% with 5 press outs with 1 min recovery

100 choice

4 x 100s at 85% with fins and paddles with 20 seconds recovery

Call down 100 choice

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If you are interested in learning more about Tri Peak Athlete, LLC Coaching, call/text me at 321-443–0073 today or better yet, click this link to schedule a complimentary Multisport / strength conditioning strategy call: https://tripeakathlete.wordpress.com/join-today/

November 28-29, 2020

Good evening,


I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your close ones and family members. I hope you didn’t get into any arguments can judge any of your family members either. LOL.

In close you’ll find the schedule for this weekend. I have missed all of you. remember, the average American will gain 1 – 2 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. If you are training consistently!

Please make wise choices.

Enclosed you’ll find a schedule for this weekend.

week of Nov 16 – 22, 2020

Hello Team,

I hope you are all doing well. I am very happy to see that many of the athletes continue to train with all the restrictions. As many athletes are racing the Haines City in December we are gong to make some adjustments to our training schedule this weekend.

Ironman Cozumel

We have several athletes who racing this weekend:

  • Yadira
  • Alfredo
  • Hector
  • Tomas
  • Scott
  • Thomas

Make sure to wish them luck. We leave Wednesday to Cozumel.

Training Schedule

Monday6:30 AMSwimLucky’s Lake
Tuesday5:30 AMBike TrainerVirtual and Tri Peak Athlete, LLCZoom ID:  868 0562 1340
Wednesday6:00 AMTrackHoward Track Middle SchoolSpeed Work
ThursdayRecovery RideOn your own – 90 min
Friday6:30 AMSwimLucky’s Lake
Saturday7:00 AMBike / RunHaines City Bike Course56 mi
SundayBaldwin ParkLong Run90 min run

Tuesday / Bike Trainer

Time: 5:30 am

Duration: 90 min

Log in: Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86805621340 to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting

Weekend Update – Oct 31- Nov 1

Enclosed you will find the update for this weekend:


  • Location: UCF Research Parkway/ Discovery Dr
  • Time: 7:15 am
  • Duration: 2:30 – 5 hours
  • Note: depending on race you are training for will vary length of workout.


  • Location: Baldwin Park
  • Time: 7:00 am
  • Distance: 6 – 15 miles
  • Note: Depending on race you are training for will vary length of workout.