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Weekend of March 27 – 28, 2021

Hello Team,

Enclosed you will find the updated schedule for this weekend:


Group A: 56 miles

Group B: 40 miles

Run one lap of course.


  • Location: Baldwin Park
  • Arrival Time: 7:00
  • Departure Time: 7:05
  • Duration:
    • Short Course: 6 – 8 miles
    • Long Course: 10 – 13 miles

All of these sessions are coached.

Note: No Sunday bike ride.

Tri Club Cycling Jerseys

We are trying to ride together as a team and grow the club. We want you to have a cycling jersey that matches the team when we ride on the weekends. Please purchase it today. This Sunday is the last day to order.

LInk: https://www.baseperformance.com/collections/central-florida-tri-team?ls=TVMKcUYZQv-lz_6XOtjjjQ

Join The Club

All sessions are coached!

Join the club today: https://cfltriclub.wordpress.com/about/join-the-club/

Keep up the good work and I’ll see you all in the morning.

Coach Torres

Week of August 31 – September 6, 2020

Hello Team, 

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I can’t believe September is next week. This week will be a lot of fun. Enclosed you will find the schedule for next week:

Breakthrough Brick

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday Sunday
Time: 6:30 AM5:30 AM6:00 AM5:30 AM6:30 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM
Sport: Open WaterBike Trainer / ZoomTrackBike Trainer / ZoomOpen WaterBrick: Bike ./ RunTrail Run
Location: Lucky’s Lake*Tri Pea Athlete or ZoomHoward Middle SchoolTri Pea Athlete or ZoomLucky’s Lake*Lake Louisa State ParkLake Louisa State Park
Duration: 1h2h1h 30m2h1h3h1hr to 2 hr
Main Set:1600 meters Race PaceAnaerobic Ride 800m repeats72 – 77% RideSprint Work4 x 10 mi ride / 800 meter runTempo Run
NoteMust register online at www.luckyslakeswim.comYou can attend virtually or in person. Speed WorkYou can attend virtually or in person. Must register online at www.luckyslakeswim.comThe park opens at 8 am. If you have a pass you can start early. The park opens at 8 am. If you have a pass you can start early. 

Salt Lake City Recap

The camp in Salt Lake City was a huge success. I am very happy with all of my athletes and their performances. The riding, running and swimming were spectacular. Great opportunity for cross training and improvement. I will keep you posted for the next dates. 

Races and Training

As many races are being cancelled, it is very important to keep yourself focused in your training as this will provide you with an opportunity to get stronger.  

Virtual Sessions

I have provided Virtual Sessions for my athletes to attend. However, moving forward, you must register online via Pocketsuite, if you will like to attend virtually.

9 AM5:30 PM
Zoom ID876-0321-0273876-0321-0273
MondayStrength Strength
WednesdayStrength Strength

LInk: https://tripeakathlete.wordpress.com/schedule-your-sessions/