Weekend of Feb 28 – March 2, 2014

Hello Team,

As the YMCA on International Dr. is having a swim meet, we will be meeting at the Downtown YMCA. Make sure you arrive on time. We will be swimming at the outside pool. If you can not make it. Here is the swim workout for today:

Warm up:
300 free
200 kick
6 x 50 as 25 drill / 25 free with 15 sec RI
– Catch up
– Fist Drill
200 easy pull
100 easy

Main Set:
10 x 200
– 1 – 3 Free @ (70 75%) Rest :05 – :10
– 4 – 7 Pull @ (70 – 75%) Rest :10 – :15
– 8 – 10 Free @ (70 – 75%) rest :05 – :10
Kick Set:
8 x 100 kick with board
– 1- 4 @ 1:40 (75 – 80%)
– 5 – 8 @ 1:50, descend 65 – 70% -> 90 – 95% Rest was :15 – :25

Cool Down:
100 easy

– 7:30 am
– Lucky’s Lake Swim
– 2 laps, 40 min bike and 10k run

– 6:30 am
– Downtown YMCA
– 80 min

FIST Bike Fitting – Orlando, FL

shapeimage_1_1shapeimage_7 Schedule your Bike Fitting – Today! What are the benefits of a proper bike fit? A proper bike fit is essential for injury prevention and maximized efficiency.  An optimal position on the bike will allow for greater comfort and enjoyment while riding.  All bodies are different and your position on the bike should reflect your biomechanics. Who can benefit from a bike fit? Generally, if you are serious enough to clip into a bike, you will benefit from a bike fit.  Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective yet economical way to improve performance. How long does a Bike fitting take? An average fit with fitting lasts 90 minutes.  However, if you have major adjustments or component changes, the fit may be longer.

Schedule your bike fitting today at: www.tripeakathlete.com or via phone:  321-443-0073

CFL Tri Club Weekly Schedule Feb 24 – March 2, 2014

Weekly Schedule – Feb 24 – March 2, 2014

Enclosed you will find the schedule for this week. Keep in mind you have the following countdown of your races:

  • Clermont – 4 weeks
  • Haines City  and Puerto Rico 70.3 – 7 weeks
  • St. Anthony’s – 9 weeks


  • Monday – 5:30 am – Aquatic Center – Swim
  • Tuesday – 5:00 am – Downtown YMCA – Bike Trainer / Run (Do you have a bike trainer?)
  • Wednesday – 5:30 am – Aquatic Center – Swim
  • Thursday – 5:00 am – Bike/Run
  • Friday – 5:30 am – Aquatic Center – Swim
  • Saturday – 7:30 am – Lucky’s Lake Swim
  • Sunday – 7:00 am – Downtown YMCA – Run (Please visit the CFL Tri Club website for Updates) – Or optional day off

Cut out the Sugar!

Cleaning up your diet starts with scouring your kitsch for items laced with added sweeteners. A 2013 report in the American Journal of Public Health followed nearly 5,000 men and women over 30 years and found that participants’ calorie intake from added sugars increased by about 50 percent during  that time period. As sugar consumption increased, so did waist measurements. “Sweeteners deliver empty calories and encourage overeating,”  says Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D. a sports nutritionist in Louisville, “both of which lead to weight gain.”

Spring Clean ->
Scan ingredients on packaged foods and choose those with little if any added sweeteners. Replace sugary breakfast cereals, flared yogurts, and reduced-fat peanut butter (which often swaps fat for sugar) with steel-cut oats, plain yogurt, and natural nut butter.

The Morning Battle!

The morning battle?

The alarm goes off, you roll-over and stare at the blinking digital numbers on the clock wondering what day it is… it is Monday morning. The weekend is over, most good hang out places are closed and your daily routine begins. Wednesday, the second longest day of the week, most of the times your long-run day, it is the peak of your training during the week. No other day is as long as this day. However, incorporating specific strength training can allow you to go over the hump during the middle of the week. Strength training does more than just prevent injury. Even in a multi-hour endurance event, explosive power is key for performance, and lifting is one of the best ways to improve.

Translate to the sport
Sport-specific strength training such as swimming with paddles or doing big-gear climbs on the bike help translate power gains in the gym back to triathlon, even though these workouts this means, unfortunately, there is no one plan that is perfect for everybody. However, regardless of their focus, triathletes should always strive to incorporate whole body exercises into their strength training, in order to get the biggest benefits from the work they are putting in.