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Don’t Burn Your Matches and Race Smart!

It has been six months of hard training and dedication. You want to have a great race. You have envisioned the finish line. However, when it comes to racing, many athletes ‘burn so many matches’ in the beginning of the race. If you have been training at a steady state effort for a race, why will you go harder in the race if you haven’t trained to hold those efforts for long periods of time. This will lead into ‘burning your matches’  early in the race. Follow your race plan and your nutrition plan. Get enough rest leading into the rest. Check your resting heart rate early in the morning. Keep track on what you are eating. Make the adjustment necessary so you can have a good race. 

As a coach, the last thing I want to see is two bottles full of nutrition on your bike after the race. Follow your plan and stick with it.

Listen to your Coach! 

Please write down everything you plan to eat on the bike and on the run. When you are ready, shoot me a text and email and let me know when you are free to chat. 

Coach Torres

Weekend Schedule – Sept 21 – 22, 2019

Ready to Race
Time:7 am – 10 am 6 am – 7:30 am
Location:Lee Vista / StarbucksDTWN
Sport:Long BikeLong Run
Focus:Muscular EnduranceTempo/Endurance

For those athletes who are racing in Augusta, please do the following workout:

  • Saturday
    • 90 min ride as:
      • Warm up: 20 min at 60 – 65% with 85 – 90 rpmMain Set:
        • 3 x 10 min at Race Pace Effort at 80 – 90 rpm with 5 min at 72 – 75%20 min at 72 – 75% at 85 – 90 rpmCool down:
        • 5 min at 62 – 65% at 85 – 90 rpmRun after bike: 30 min as
      • 20 min at Moderate Pace5 min at Race Pace Effort
  • Sunday
    • 1 hour run
      • 20 min Easy to Moderate Pace
      • 20 min Moderate Pace
      • 20 min Race Pace Effort
      • Note: Please press the lap button on your watch every 20 min. Please log onto Trainingpeaks on how you felt during the run and practice with your hydration.

Lack of Sleep…. will lead into injury!

Lack of Sleep is associated with increased sports injuries!

As many Triathletes, we have families, full time jobs, relationships and other things in life that we plan on our day. We only have 24 hours during the day and sometimes we can’t cram everything in one day.  However, we give up sleep and try to fit as much as possible in one day. 


Sleeping less than 8 hours significantly increases the rate of being injured. In addition, within time, your performance starts decreasing. If you have an injury that is lingering and it doesn’t go away, you are not allowing yourself to recovery significantly. 

Sleep more! Go to bed early!

Make sure you are going to bed early. If you are stressing that you have another workout to do and you can’t get it in, talk with your coach (me) and I will adjust your training.  I will like for you to start tracking your sleep in TrainignPeaks under metrics. 

Train safe and injury free!

Source : Milewski, M., Skaggs, D., Bishop, G., Pace, J., Ibrahim, D., Wren, T., & Barzdukas, A. (2014). Chronic lack of sleep is associated with increased sports injuries in adolescent athletes. Journal of pediatric orthopedics., 34(2), 129–33. Retrieved from

2020 CFL Tri Club Races

Hello Team,

In 2020, we want to make a huge bang a the races. Therefore, we put a committee together to go over races for next year. These are our committee members:

  • Don DeBeaux
  • Michelle Hill
  • Jennifer Sturgess
  • Carlos Mendoza
  • Laura Minns
  • Joel Diaz
  • Hector Torres

Please reach out to these individuals as they will be voicing your opinion and recommendations. We will be meeting on October 3, 2019; therefore, please reach out to them prior to this date.


Hector L Torres

Week of Sept 16 – 22, 2019

Time:5:30 AM5:00 AM5:30 AM5:00 AM5:30 AM7:00 AM6:00 AM
Location:Aquatic CenterDTWNAquatic CenterDTWNAquatic CenterLee Vista / StarbucksDTWN
Sport:SwimBike Trainer / RunSwimBike Trainer / Run (Track)SwimLong BikeLong Run
Focus:Muscular EnduranceThreshold WorkSpeed WorkThreshold WorkMuscular EnduranceMuscular EnduranceTempo/Endurance