The Coaches

If you have these concerns:

  • I want to go faster!
  • I want to do my race
  • I don’t know how to train
  • I need to add structure to my training
  • I don’t know how to peak
  •   I lack motivation to follow my training
  •    Lets get started…..

Tri Peak Athlete, LLC is an organization based upon a holistic approach towards coaching. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you will achieve.”  We are here to help you achieve your peak performance and accomplish whatever goal you have.

I’m pleased to introduce the hardest group of Multisport Coaches in Florida. As a team, they work together to build your training plan. Please review each coach philosophy. The have great passion toward the sport. We offer the best and most comprehensive online and individual coaching, Pesonal coaching and experience in the sport.

Coaching is not inly part science it is an art. Each coach will work with you hand on hand to build a successful plan to achieve your goals and be at peak performance for your main race

2 thoughts on “The Coaches”

  1. My name is Mike. I am interested in hiring a triathlon coach. Who may I speak with in order to learn about your services for 1-on1 coaching? Thank you, Mike Prohaska

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