Team Code: Zup-CFLTC20 = 25% off all items on www.teamzealios.com – valid January 1 through December 31, 2020.


Discount codes are a thing of the past, and all CFL Tri Club athletes must activate their account to receive their 25%-off pricing.

Here’s how to activate:

  • Login to roka.com or create a ROKA account: https://www.roka.com/account/login
  • Visit Your Account Page atop the right corner of the page
  • Click Activate ROKA Team Account
  • Enter Team Handle / Passcode: CFL / 1995

That’s it! You just have to do this once, and your team pricing pricing will appear in your shopping cart at checkout any time you’re logged in.

Rudy Project USA


PLEASE forward these instructions to ALL of your members!!!

PLEASE share this regularly with your teammates/training partners/family/friends in a discreet way (please don’t post on website, social media, forum, etc.)

HERE’S HOW TO GET 35% OFF OF RUDY PROJECT GEAR (including Rx orders):

we just ————— as of 11/16/19

increased your sponsorship code last night to 40% off in-line items (and an extra 20% off outlet items).

PLEASE feel free to share this with your interested contacts in a discreet way:

HERE’S HOW TO GET 35% 40% OFF OF RUDY PROJECT GEAR (including Rx orders):

-go to: www.rudyprojectna.com/vip

-enter code: CFLTRICLUB2019

Here are a few links to some more educationally-oriented content, which the team members might appreciate more than the typical “promotional” emails 🙂

Perfect Fit | Finding the Best Glasses for Your Face:


Photochromic ImpactX | The Perfect Lens For All Conditions:


Facebook and social media:

Facebook: Rudy Project North America

Twitter: @RudyProjectNA

Instagram: @RudyProjectNA

Base Performance Nutrition

Please be advised that the Base Performance discount code is: 2020CFL

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