Week of January 15 – 22, 2023

Hello Team,

It was great seeing everyone yesterday at the kick off meeting. What a great turn out. This is a great way to start the year.

Congratulations to all of the awards winner! Your hard work and dedication has paid off!

Award Winners

Rookie of the Year – Kaitlyn Dawson

Most Spirited of the Athlete of the Year – Jan McDonald

Most Improved Athlete of the Year – Danny Jaca

Most Dedicated Athlete of the Year – Juan Jimenez

Defying Gravity Award – Chad Vanscoter

Defying Gravity Award – Victoria Decker

Training Peaks Account

If you currently have a TrainingPeaks account you can create one or sync it with the coach. You have two ways you can do this, follow this link: 


Or go under settings on your desktop (you can’t do this from the app) and add me as your coach on training peaks with my email: htorres@cfltriclub.com

Tracking Devises: 

Depends on what device you have, enclosed you will find the instructions on how to sync your Garmin Watch or your AppleWatch with Trainingpeaks. 

Sync Garmin Connect with Trainingpeaks: 


Connect Apple Health with TrainingPeaks

  1. Open the TrainingPeaks athlete app.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Click more.
  4. Click settings.
  5. Click “Connect Health App”
  6. Click “turn all categories on”
  7. Click allow in the top right corner.
  8. If successful, ‘Connected’ will appear under the health app.

Weekly Schedule

MLK Lake Louisa Ride

As tomorrow is a holiday, many of you will have the day off. Jen will be leading a group ride out of Lake Louisa at 1 pm. Please arrive at 20 – 30 min prior to start time. . If you are new to the club, I will prefer you wait till Saturday for a group ride.

Monday – Swim

Warm up 

200 free

200 kick side to side (6 kicks / 3 strokes/ 6 kicks 3 strokes) with fins

6 x 50 build (gradually build your pace)  with 15 seconds recovery

6 x 50 as 25 freestyle /25 backstroke at 85% of your effort with 20 seconds recovery

Main set

10 x 50 with paddles no buoy at 85% with 30 seconds recovery

200 choice

6 x 50 with paddles no buoy at 85% with 30 seconds recovery

200 kick with fins and board

5 x 25 at 95% with 5 press outs with 1 min recovery 

100 choice

4 x  100s at 85% with fins  and paddles with 20 seconds recovery

Call down 100 choice

I will see you all this week. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Get in Touch

1700 S. Bumby Ave Orlando, FL 32806