Week of August 8 -14, 2022

Hello Team,

Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this past weekend;

  • Boulder 70.3
    • Risa W.
    • Rob W.
  • Ironman Estonia
    • Hardik
  • USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals
    • Mariangel
    • Linda

Training Week – Hill Week

This week we are going to be emphasizing a lot on our climbing skills and building muscular endurance. Therefore, we are going to be raising that front wheel and pushing that hard gear this week. It is very important, that you take at least 5 – 10 min prior to each training session for mobility, dynamic stretching and muscle activation. In addition, it is important to do it after as well.

As we are tapping in to your glycolytic system, we will provide enough recovery time, it is important that you fuel properly and take some aminos acids during your training.


I am aware that Clermont is hosting a Sprint triathlon this weekend. If you are participating and training for a Full Ironman such as Hawaii / California / Florida / Arizona or Cozumel. Please be aware, that you have a two hour ride after the race! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are not racing, there is a group that will be riding.

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2023 Tentative Schedule

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