Week of May 16 – 22, 2022 – NEW SCHEDULE

Hello Team,

I am very excited for this week! This past weekend we did a great brick workout at Lake Louisa. Now it is a great time to set a benchmark in your fitness. This entire week, we are going to be focusing on same race pace efforts and resting on Friday.

On Saturday, if you are not participating in the Special Olympics Clinic, please do the workout prescribed.

Saturday Workout

Saturday’s workout is going to be a light 20 min swim / 30 min bike / 20 min run. This is just to get your body ready for Sunday.

Sunday Workout

On Sunday, we are going to go for a 2 hour brick followed by a 1 hour run. We are going to be doing a long loop at the Airport and running immediately afterwards. I encourage you to bring lights so we can start on time.

Sunday – Roll out 7:00 am

Keep up the good work!

May 2022 – Power Couple of the Month

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