AWA Ironman (All World Athletes) – Congratulations!

At the end of each year, IRONMAN identifies the athletes who have finished in the top percentiles of their age group, and these athletes are awarded All World Athlete status for the following calendar year. That status entitles them to lower race numbers and priority check-in at races the following year. The calculation considers the best three races.

Gold = Top 1% of age group.
Silver = Next 5% of age group
Bronze = Next 10% of age group


Haley McInerny – Gold

Jennifer Elliott – Silver
Andres Lizarralde – Silver
Donnie McCammon – Silver
Carlos Mendoza- Silver
Jennifer Sturgess – Silver

Kate Pettinato – Bronze
Tyler Soden – Bronze

Congratulations to all of you, I’m proud of you! I can’t wait for 2022 to unfold!

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