Cycling Jerseys Update

Hello Hector and CFL!

I wanted to email all of you directly and introduce myself.  My name is Jay Weber, Director of Business Development at BASE. I worked with Hector for the apparel design and order from BASE Performance.
I want to first reach out to you and thank you for your order with us. Once your pieces arrive, you are going to love them! The designs are amazing, and the comfort is second to none.I wanted to reach out and apologize for the length of time that this is taking on your kits. They are planning to ship from our factory on May 15, 2021In addition to material delays, there are also hold-ups in customs. What used to take 12 hours, is now taking up to 7 days. Companies that used to ship via freight are also utilizing air shipping to add to the backlog.
We are getting absolutely clobbered right now. The entire cycling industry is having supply issues. Bike shops cannot get bikes, or components. Shimano is looking at 800 days to get caught up with group sets for bikes.I am sorry you are on the receiving end of this. Right now we are having delays on everyone. This has been an incredibly rough past 12 months as the world shut down and is restarting. In the 5 years of making apparel, we have never seen this.I apologize again for the delays. We closed the store on April 22, 2021. We are hoping to have your pieces within the next month. We have already been able to get a month knocked off what they originally told us. Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.Below is a short video our owner, Matt Miller, made explaining what is going on within the supply chain of the world right now. Nobody in the industry is able to get products in a timely fashion:
Thank you,Jay

photoJay Weber
Manager, Business