Week of March 29 – April 4, 2021

Hello Team,

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This weekend it is going to be a bit different, so please pay close attention to the schedule.

Bike Riding Rules

Moving forward we will have three groups on our weekend group rides.

  • Group A:
    • Speed: 22 + mph
    • Must know course!
    • Must know how to ride in peloton.
  • Group B:
    • Speed: 18 – 20 mph
    • Led by Carlos and Jen.
    • Must be comfortable riding in group.
  • Group C:
    • Speed: 16 – 18 mph
    • Coached session!

Keep in mind:

  • Teamwork: give a helping hand, watch for problems and help each other.
  • Be predictable: ride in a straight line, constant speed, unless indicated differently by the coach.
  • Communicate: use verbal and hand signals to communicate with other team members and with other traffic.
  • Hand signals: use the hand signals for turning and stopping.
  • Verbal warning: along with hand signals, verbally warn warn cyclist being you for anything that the person in front calls out.
  • Change positions correctly: if you are passing, you pass on the left. If you want to drop behind, signal the rider and allow them to pass you on the left.
  • Wait at turns and stops signs! No rolling through!
  • WATCH OUT FOR TRAFFIC! Ride for the person behind you, in front of you and yourself! SAFETY!


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