Friday – Swim Workout

Swim Workout
Warm up:
200 free
200 kick with board
200 pull with buoy and paddles
200 choice

Drill work:
6 x 50 as 25 drill/ 25 free with 20 sec recovery

  • catch up (focus on your extension and passing the hand in front of you )
  • fist drill (emphasize on a high elbow catch and engaging you last during this drill)
    *Note: when doing drill work take your time don’t rush it

Main set:
3 rounds
4 x 100 at 85 – 90% of you threshold effort with 20 sec recovery
100 kick
4 x 50 at 90 – 95% of your threshold effort with 15 sec recovery
100 kick
4 x 25 sprint with double the time it took you to complete for recovery. For example, if it took you 17 seconds to complete a 25; then you have 35 sec for recovery. Try to hold the same pace on all of them. Strong streamline push off the wall.
—- 1 min rest in between each round. ——-
Cool down:
100 choice

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