Week of June 29 – July 5, 2020

Hello Team,

Please review the schedule for this week:

Training Schedule

Monday6:30 AMSwimLucky’s LakeYou Must Register
Tuesday5:30 AMBike Trainer at Tri Peak Athlete and Virtual SessionTri Peak Athlete register at: https://myps.io/book/tripeakathletellcZoom ID:  876-0321-0273
Wednesday6:30 AMSwimLucky’s Lake – You Must registerRegistration link:  https://register.luckyslakeswim.com
Thursday6:00 AMTrackHoward Track Middle SchoolZoom ID:  876-0321-0273
Friday6:30 AMSwimLucky’s LakeRegistration link:  https://register.luckyslakeswim.com
Saturday7:00 AMSwimLucky’s LakeRegistration link:  https://register.luckyslakeswim.com
8 AMRunDr Phillips YMCA6 – 10 miles
Sunday7:00 AMLake Minneola – Waterfront Park2 – 3 hours / run after bike 4 milesTempo Ride

Strength Training Schedule

9 AM5:30 PM
Zoom ID876-0321-0273876-0321-0273
MondayStrength Strength

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