CFL Tri Club – Update (Thu – Fri)

As this event is currently intensifying it’s very important to keep yourself safe. If you come in contact with anyone that is sneezing or coughing make sure you stay away from them. Make sure you wash your hands!

It doesn’t matter if they’re not seizing or coughing keep at least 6 feet apart.

Therefore here’s a schedule for Thursday and Friday:

  • Thursday
    • Time: 6 am
    • Location: Howard Track Middle School
    • Sport: Bike Trainer
    • Note: make sure you set up your bike trainer at least 7 feet apart from one another.
  • Friday
    • Yoga/Stretch
    • Video will be posted . Do it on your own
  • Saturday
    • We need to obey the law, as many hospitals and emergency rooms are very busy we do not want to give them an excuse to ban cycling.
    • Therefore I’m going to encourage all of you to do a bike trainer session at home and keep yourself safe.
    • If you go riding outside and invite other athletes to go riding out with you the Tri Club insurance will not cover you.
  • Sunday
    • Run on your own


If anything changes I’ll keep you all posted. Whatever you do make sure you’re doing the necessary to keep your immune system boosted and eat healthy. 

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