Week of March 16 – 22, 2020

Hello Team,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping yourself safe. Practice is going to continue as usual. However, the YMCA are taking some precautionary measures.

  • Bring your own mat to the YMCA
  • Classes: They will be removing yoga blocks, stretch straps, resistance bands, any soft-surface, and any non-essential equipment to reduce the amount of cleaning needed between classes until further notice .
    • Please check the updated schedule for classes at the YMCA.

Workout schedule for the week:

Location: AquaticDTWN – Bike TrainerAquaticDTWN – TrackAquatic
Time5:30 AM5:00 AM5:30 AM5:00 AM5:30 AM

Weekend Schedule:

I will announce the weekend schedule on Thursday. In the meantime, please keep yourself safe.


As you are aware all the races from now till end of April have been cancelled or moved. I have a conference call with USA Triathlon and Ironman on Monday with the follow up of these events. Which means, if your event has been postponed, that gives us more time to train and make your stronger. Don’t eat your feelings cause they moved the race… be happy…. you have more time to train. I will provide everyone an update on the upcoming races on Tuesday at the Bike Trainer session.