Lack of Sleep…. will lead into injury!

Lack of Sleep is associated with increased sports injuries!

As many Triathletes, we have families, full time jobs, relationships and other things in life that we plan on our day. We only have 24 hours during the day and sometimes we can’t cram everything in one day.  However, we give up sleep and try to fit as much as possible in one day. 


Sleeping less than 8 hours significantly increases the rate of being injured. In addition, within time, your performance starts decreasing. If you have an injury that is lingering and it doesn’t go away, you are not allowing yourself to recovery significantly. 

Sleep more! Go to bed early!

Make sure you are going to bed early. If you are stressing that you have another workout to do and you can’t get it in, talk with your coach (me) and I will adjust your training.  I will like for you to start tracking your sleep in TrainignPeaks under metrics. 

Train safe and injury free!

Source : Milewski, M., Skaggs, D., Bishop, G., Pace, J., Ibrahim, D., Wren, T., & Barzdukas, A. (2014). Chronic lack of sleep is associated with increased sports injuries in adolescent athletes. Journal of pediatric orthopedics., 34(2), 129–33. Retrieved from