Dave Gray – You will be missed

Hello team,

It is with great sorrow to say, Dave Gray, passed away.

It was determined after no measurable progress over the past 48 hours that his injuries were to severe from which to recover. Mid-morning today his family, Fr Matthew and Fr. Miguel present, the doctors disengaged his ventilator and he went peacefully to our Lord.

My heart does ache for this loss as DeaconDave was such a bright light. My heart aches for his wife Chris, family, friends and who all feel like he was taken far too soon and without warning. – Paul Mylod

He loved what he did! He was happy running, riding. He was an amazing man, husband and dad.

I’m heartbroken! The biggest fear of a coach to have one of his own athletes pass. My heart goes out to the family and friends! I’ve seen that man work hard and ask for more work during training. May God be with him, his family and all of us! – Coach Torres

Good friend and good athlete. He loved the team.

We will keep you all informed.

3 thoughts on “Dave Gray – You will be missed”

  1. Thank you so much for all your love and support! He spent his life filled with love and joy and anyone who knew him could see that immediately!! We appreciated your support during the time at the hospital. We have been blessed to love him and be loved by him.
    Love, Dave’s daughter Shelly

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