Test Week Update

Hello Team,

This is an amazing week! All of your hard work is going to pay off and your progress will pay off… therefore, we are going to test you and set you NEW benchmarks this week. Enclosed you will find the schedule for this week:

Time LocationSport       Duration
Mon5:30 AMOn Your OwnSwim / RunRecovery Swim
Tue5:00 AMDTWN YMCABike / Run75 min ride / 30 min run
Wed5:30 AMAquatic CenterSwim Swim Test
Thu5:00 AMDowntown YMCARun / TestWe will meet at the DTWN YMCA and then head to the track. 
Fri5:30 AM Aquatic CenterSwim Swim 
Sat         7:00 AMGroup A: DTWN YMCA
Group B: UCF Research Parkway
Bike / Run3 hour ride – 5 hours (Zone 2) / 30 min run
Sunday6:00 AMDTWN YMCARun90 min – 2 hour run

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