Saturday – Bike Ride and run after bike

If you will be meeting tomorrow at 7 AM at Lake Mineola Waterfront State Park. Will be riding for 2 1/2 hours to three hours. Make sure you bring enough nutrition. Our primary emphasis going to be doing some hill work.

There will be a 30 minute run off the bike. Michele, our assistant coach, will be providing the workout in the morning. Please follow it diligently.

Please register at:

Friday – Open Water Swim

Lucky’s Lake at 6:15 am

If you can’t go to Lucky’s, please do the following workout:

Workout type: Swim

500 warm up focusing on distance per stroke

10 x 50 as drill down swim back

single arm drill and fist drill

main set:

5 x 100 on the 2:20 hard efforts

200 buoy pull

5 x 100 on the 2:10 harder effort

200 buoy pull

5 x 100 on the 2:00 hardest effort


200 choice

Saturday’s Bike Ride – April 21, 2018

Come and join the CFL Tri Club for the Saturday Bike workout. Starting at 7 am. Please RSVP by Friday at 12 n so the Coaches can make the arrangements necessary for pace groups.

Location: Lake Minneola Waterfront Park

Time: 7 am

Duration: 2:30 – 3 hours


Congrats to everyone!

Congratulations to all the athletes who raced this past weekend.

Coco Beach Triathlon

  • Luis Ortiz – Overall Win
  • Steven Cardenas
  • Olivia Knight

Haines City

  • Carlos Mendoza
  • Dianne Heath
  • Eric Deming
  • Illeana Villar
  • James Nunn
  • Julian Perez
  • Lina Miller
  • JENNIFER Sturgess
  • Ruben Ortiz
  • Joel Diaz
  • DAVID Lang
  • Jason Sanders
  • Angel Rosario
  • Lori Campbell

Base Performance Discount Code

We have a 20% code named “CFL18” This is for use all year around.

I will get you a special 50% off all hydro and variety pack of bars as well. This will be available until the end of the 20th of April. it will be “50CFL18”