Friday – Swim

Hello Team,

I won’t be there in the morning cause I have a brick workout to do starting at 4:30 am. Ironman Cozumel is right around the corner. Enclosed you will find the swim workout for tomorrow.

Group Advanced – Swimmer  Focus

Challenge: Say to yourself, “fast is fun!”

  • Warm up:
    • 500 Free
  • Kick:
    • 200 flutter
  • Drill:
    • 300 your favorite alignment drill
  • Kick:
    • 200 flutter
  • Choice Drill:
    • 300 your favorite feel drill
  • Main Set:
    • Swim: 8 x 75 free – build w/20sec RI
    • 100 easy
    • Swim: 8 x 75 Free – Middle length fast with 20 sec rI
    • 100 easy
    • Swim: 8 x 75 free – 50 fast, 25 easy
    • 100 easy
    • Swim: 8 x 25 Stroke specialty with 15 sec RI – odds 25s easy, even 25s fast
  • Cool Down: 400

Group B: Beginner

  • Warm up:
    • 16 x 50 as 3 free1 kick on 10 sec recovery
    • 200 free
    • 200 drill
    • 200 kick
  • Main Set:
    • 8 x 100 as 1 fast / 1 easy on 45 sec rest. You can’t go fast unless you tak the full rest and it’s going FAST today!
  • Cool Down: 300 easy Pull

Thursday – Track

  • Location: Downtown YMCA
  • Time: 5 am
  • Duration: 90 min

Wednesday – Swim (Technique)

Hello Team,

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Wednesday – Swim 

  • Aquatic Center at 5:30 am
  • Coach Hector on Deck working on Technique

Monday – Swim

Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this past weekend:

  • Julie Gennarino
  • Julian Perez
  • Maria F Tondolo
  • Jerome Bareth
  • Dan Grieb
  • DAVID Berlant
  • Robbie Berlant

I am very proud of all of you

I just landed in Orlando and won’t make it to tomorrow swim workout!

Please do the following:

Warm up:

3 x 500 as 500 FREe / 500 Pulliam / 500 kick

Main set

4 x 200 free at 85% with 20 sec recovery

100 easy free

4 x 150 as 50 kick /100 fast free with fins / 50 kick with 20 sec recovery

4 x 100 at 90% with 15 sec recovery

Cool down:

300 as 100 free / 100 drill / 100 choice

Vote for USA Triathlon National Board Member! – Deadline Oct. 17, 2017

Your candidate, Hector L Torres for Florida!


To Vote

1.  Go to    Click on:  Email login information. Enter your e-mail and click send.  You will get an e-mail ballot


To vote in the 2017 election, access the ballot email from Survey & Ballot Systems. If you didn’t receive the email please contact Sharon Carns, In order to vote in this election, you must be a member of USA Triathlon by 8/17/2017 12:00 pm mountain standard time (MST). 


Goals for USA Triathlon 

  • Increased focus on our Age Group athletes – events and their experiences
  • Continued openness and transparency to our National Board and our athletes
  • Further work to help the development of triathlon in all regions in the USA.
  • Strengthen our working relationship with Ironman and the International Triathlon Union.
  • Expand and encourage the participation of youth and women in events of all distances.
  • Work to professionalize, enhance, and grow the Paralympics’ program
  • Rules Harmonization
  • Ensure our sport remains clean through supporting anti-doping education and controls

My name is Hector L Torres, and I am running for National Board Member for the Florida Region.  I have had the honor and privilege to serve on the Florida Regional Board for nine years. I believe that the leadership and work I have accomplished reflects my commitment toward helping grow and develop our sport in the Florida Region.  I have learned so much from working with the National Board, Federation employees, Council Chairs from other regions and the dedicated council members on my regional board.  In addition to this experience, I have a passion for learning from, listening to and serving our membership.  I envision much-continued growth for USA Triathlon, and I very much hope to have the opportunity to provide services at a higher level as your Florida Region National Board Member. I have the full support of my region and other Regional Chairs.

I will appreciate your vote!


  • USA Triathlon Florida Region Chair, 2008 – present
  • Oversee the development of the Triathlon sport in the Florida region by developing programs designed to grow our sport
  • USA Triathlon International Relations Committee Chair,  2015  – present
  • USA Triathlon National Championship Committee, 2014 – 2016
  • Active triathlete since 2003 – 14 years.  Have raced all over the world including 25 Ironman events.
  • Certified USA Triathlon Level 2 – Elite Coach
  • Certified USA Cycling  Level 2 – Coach
  • Certified USA Track and Field Level 1 – Coach
  • Certified USA Swimming – Coach
  • Certified USA Weightlifting – Coach
  • Certified CSCS – National Strength Conditioning Coach
  • Two Masters Degrees:
    • Sport and Fitness – Concentration Sports Leadership and Coaching
    • Health Science – Exercises Science concentration Sport Performance
  • Built Tri Peak Athlete, LLC Coaching company, and CFL Tri Club – non-profit triathlon training club, largest triathlon club in Central Florida and the most structured club in the nation.
  • Active writer and commentator on our sport around the world
  • Before pursuing my passion of sports management/coaching was Marketing/Promotions Director for six radio stations throughout the East Coast.


  • Led the development of Paratriathlon in the Florida Region
  • Head Coach of Team USA for Paratriathlon in 2012
  • Revamped the programming from ground zero in the Florida Region
  • Implemented Regional Hall of Fame 2015 – present
  • Organized and directed first ITU CAMTRI camp in the USA.
  • Lead Ambassador for the Gay Games in 2006


Week of October 9-15, 2017

Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this weekend! Amazing job on crushing it!

– Luis Ortiz

– Ileana

– Julian Perez

– Angel Rosario


– Enrique

– Alfredo Solarte

– Kiko

– Mafe

Also, Congratulations to Jennifer Hogan and PAUL Hagey for their wedding!

For this doing November races, back to ramp up you Second build week phase.

Please visit the website for the breakdown for this week.

  • Monday/Wednesday / Friday : swim at 5:30 am at the Aquatic Center
  • Tuesday – Bike / run at 5:00 am at the Downtown Ymca
  • Thursday – Track all levels
  • Weekends to be announced on Thursday

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