Thursday – Brick

Hello Team,

I hope you are all doing well. Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. We are going to do a brick workout out of Howard Track Middle School at 5 am. Please bring your bike and your bike trainer; running shoes, water bottles, and a great attitude. It is going to be a lot of fun.

Location: Howard Middle School – Track

Time: 5:00 am

Sport: Brick

Duration: 90 minutes.

Update on week schedule:

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


5:00 AM

7 AM

6 AM

Location: DTWN YMCA – Howard Track Middle School Day Off or Lucky’s Lake Kirlaney Station – Howie and the Hills DTWN YMCA

1h 30m

On your own

3h 30m

1h 50m

Sport: Brick Workout Bike / Run Run
Note: Brick Workout Race Specific Efforts Race Specific Efforts