Wednesday – Run/Swim

Hello Team,

I hope you get up early. Your goal is to get a 30 min run prior to the swim workout. We will be meeting at 4:50 am out of the Aquatic Center on International Drive.  We will be swimming at 5:30 am. Please be ready to rock and roll. Tomorrow we will be focusing on Muscular Endurance. Make sure to bring an electrolyte drink and water.

Schedule of the week:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


5:00 AM

5:30 AM

5:00 AM

5:30 AM

7 AM

6 AM

Location: DTWN YMCA Aquatic Center DTWN YMCA Aquatic Center Kirlaney Station – Howie and the Hills DTWN YMCA


1h 30m

1h 30m

1h 30m

3h 30m

1h 50m

Sport: Bike / Run Swim Track Swim Bike / Run Run
Note: Bike Trainer and 20 min Run Hector Torres 1k repeats Hector Torres Race Specific Efforts Race Specific Efforts

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