Swim workout Friday 

Warm up:
500 free with fins
100 free easy focus on distance per stroke (DPS)

  • Drills:
    8 x 50 Single Arm Drill with 20 sec recovery
    (Start with your weak arm and full extend the arm passing the other arm in front of you) 
  • Freestyle:
    4 x 50 Free at 75% with 10 sec recovery 
  •   Drills:
    6 x 50 Fist Drill with 20 se recovery
    (You will swim with your hands closed. Fully intend the stroke and reach on each stroke)  
  • Freestyle:
    4 x 50 Free at 75% with 10 sec recovery   
  • Drills:
    6 x 50 Finger Tip Drag with 20 se recovery
    (At the exit of your stroke, I want you to drag your fingertips on the surface of the water until the entry. Take your time with this drill and be patient) 
  •  Freestyle:
    4 x 50 Free at 85% with 15 sec recovery
    Feel the efficiency of the stroke. Look at the time of each 50. You should be faster. 
  •  Cool Down:
    200 easy

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