Tuesday morning – Let’s Move!!! We need your help!

Hello team,

We need your help for tomorrow. Please arrive at 4:30 am EST. do not bring your bike, if you have spin shoes bring them… we are going to be using the spin room from 4:45 – 5:45 am and then running 30 min (if you could use the treadmills that have access to log into your wellness account better). Please make sure you sign up for my Wellness app cause we need as many moves as possible. There will be other staff members available.

Time: 4:30 am

Location: DTWNTWN YMCA Spin Room

Duration : 1 hour 45 min

Sport:  1 Spin Bike / 30 min run


Hector L Torres

USAT Elite Coach, USAC Lv 2, USAS and USATF & MS 

Week of March 27 – April 2, 2017

Hello from Johanesberg, South Africa!fullsizeoutput_10c3

I hope you are all doing well and having a good start of your week! Enclosed you will find the breakdown for this week:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


5:00 AM

5:30 AM

5:00 AM

5:30 AM

7 AM

6 AM

Location: DTWN YMCA Aquatic Center DTWN YMCA Aquatic Center Kirlaney Station – Howie and the Hills DTWN YMCA


1h 30m

1h 30m

1h 30m

3h 30m

1h 50m

Sport: Bike / Run Swim Track Swim Bike / Run Run
Note: Bike Trainer and 20 min Run Led by Assistant Coach 1k repeats Led by Assistant Coach Race Specific Efforts Race Specific Efforts

The assistant coaches of the club will be present.