Triathlon Lingo

Enclosed you will find the most common terminology used for triathletes:

Swim Terminology

  • N/S (Negative Splits): Take off 1 – 2 seconds per each lap.
  • MOD: Moderate effort
  • Pull: Place pull buoy in-between your legs and use paddles on your hands
  • Kick/Streamline: You will use a kick board. However, a streamline kick with your arms extended and head in between. Take 6 – 12 kicks and then take a stroke to breath.
  • Descending: You will gradually get faster per each set.
  • Ascending: You will gradually decrease your speed per each set.
  • Lung Buster: Breathing ever 3, 5, 7 stroke.

Bike Terminology

  • Passing: Cyclist will pass another cyclist only on their left.
  • I-Pods or MP3 players: Music devices are not allowed during the training session. It is against the law!
  • Riding on the right of the road.

Run Terminology

  • Recovery Pace – Easy / Zone 1
  • Long Run Pace – Endurance Pace / Zone 2
  • Tempo Pace – Half Marathon Pace / Zone 3
  • Threshold – 10k Pace /  Zone 4
  • Anaerobic – 5k / Zone 5

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