11th Annual Kick Off Meeting

Hello team, 
I hope you are having a great weekend. This is a reminder that we are having our 11th Annual Kick OFF Meeting today at 12:30 pm. Please Join the Clubbefore coming to the meeting so you can skip the lines.
Downtown YMCA
433 N. Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803
  The 2017 Club Regional Championship is going to be held in Clermont on March 17 – 19, 2017. It is very important that we represent the hard work we have done for the years.
You can register at www.sommersports.com
You have the following races you can register for:
  • Saturday
    • Sprint or Half
  • Sunday
    • International Distance Triathlon: 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run
    • International Distance Aqua Bike: 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike.
    •  International Distance Duathlon:  5K Run, 40K Bike, 10K Run
I hope you register.
Team Cohesiveness 
We are a team and as a team, I want you all to start wearing your cycling tops on our group rides. Which means, we are getting some specific cycling tops to wear on the weekends.  We are putting together the artwork and start taking orders. In the link below, please provide your name, email and size:
Week Schedule
  • Sunday
    • Clay Road
    • Time: 6:00 am
      • Group A: 10 – 12 miles
      • Group B: 6 – 8 miles
      • Breakdown will be providing at the YMCA.
  • Monday
    • Aquatic Center
    • Time: 5:30 am
    • Sport: Swim
  • Tuesday
    • Downtown YMCA
    • Time: 5:00 am
    • Sport: Bike Trainer / Run
  • Wednesday
    • Downtown YMCA
    • Time: 5:00 am
    • Sport: Swim
  • Thursday
    • Downtown YMCA
    • Time: 5:00 am
    • Sport: Run
  • Friday
    • Downtown YMCA
    • Time: 5:00 am
    • Sport: Swim
  • Saturday: TBA
  • Sunday: TBA