2016 Ironman Cozumel 

2016 Ironman Cozumel Recap
I’m very happy man today! All of my athletes set a personal record on their triathlon career yesterday! Jerome and Gustavo did their first Ironman! Julie and Jose set a personal record. I have some history on his race, this is my 5th time coming here and wanted to do well

* 2010 – Was 3 months after my accident in Germany 

* 2012 – Crashed on the bike 

* 2014 – Had the flu all week and looked like death became over me!

* 2015 – Lost nutrition on the bike, feet were killings me and that trickled down to a bad run.

* 2016 – I set a personal record

The water looked calm… but looks can be deceiving! The water was choppy with big waves. There was a good 750 meters with no buoys, so you had to stop look at shore and make sure you were going the right place. 3/4 mile of the swim, there were no current. The last .25 you had an advantage; however, if you weren’t paying attention it would have thrown you off course ! You saw countless people trying to swim back! 
Bike – 3 loop course

The first loop the winds weren’t as strong; however, on the 2 and 3 Rd loop they picked up significantly! Thank God for my power meter! My nutrition mic was hitting the right spot in my body so I relied on gels that I had with me. That hit the spot. I stopped to use the bathroom, and someone left some Huma Chia gels… Thank you God! So that kept me going! My feet were burning the entire bike, I need new shoes! 

People were flying by me, but I kept my head down. I had to accept that I couldn’t bike for sometime due to my ankle and that it is okay on what I was producing. 

It was f@&$!?&@ hot! My mission was to hunt people down! That’s exactly what I did! I didn’t allow anyone to pass me! Every aid station I walked 10 sec to take cups of ice to pour on me and put it everywhere! I was praying to God that to please not have my feet hurt like they have in the past… and they didn’t! When I hit mile 18 and I said to my self… I’m doing this just 8 more miles! No pain .. just muscles tired … a little sting in my ankle and no stomach issues? I wrote in my fore arms two words: push smart! However ! There is this little voice in our heads that says to us, “Its okay to walk, everyone is walking !” I couldn’t give in, I was happy with my hydrating pack cause it kept me looking dow, cause If i stood up strait it hit me in the back of my head. 
I crossed the finish line. I was so happy! Number 23 in the books and I’m coming backing next year. I performed smart despite the circumstances. Thank God Beth Atnip was there, she helped me with stuff to the room. I showered and sat on my NormaTec boots… “a touch of baby Jesus.” My legs feel amazing ! 
Woke up this morning and sat in the boots again! Walked to Starbucks and having Vento Skinny Vanilla Latte with coconut milk. 

Huge thanks to Richard Torres my loving and supporting husband cause I couldn’t have done it without your support and my CFL Tri Club family. NormaTec, Roka, Quintana Roo, Advanced cycles, Base Salt, Proform supplements, Audra Adiar Rock-Tape, Dr Sidorsky, Rudy Project and Louis Garneau for taking me through the race!

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