Monday’s workout

Hello team,

As you are aware that this entire week we we will be swimming at the downtown YMCA .  Enclosed, you will find a swim workout for tomorrow .

There’s also going to be a group biking out of  the Downtown YMCA at 5 AM for two hours. If you would like to join us make sure you have lights on your bike .

Keep up the good work and I’ll see in the morning .

Warm up:

300 free/200 pull/200 kick
6 x 75 Free as 50 build:25 easy with 20 sec ri
Main Set A:
2 x 200 Free with 20 sec ri
1 x 100 MOD wtih 20 sec ri
2 x 300 Free with 30 sec ri
1 x 100 MOD
2 x 400 Free with 40 sec ri
1 x 100 MOD

Cool Down: 6 x 75 as 50 Free/25 Back with 20 sec RI
Cool Down: 100