Pray For Orlando

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Pray for Orlando
We never realize what we have until it is taken away from us. Tragedy happens around the world all the time; however, when it hit home, we don’t realize how much it hurts. Our community was attacked this past Saturday, we lost a total of 50 individuals from our community and 53 were injured. Some were friends, family and loved ones. Please take a moment, thank your loved ones and appreciate every moment. Life is to short and don’t take it for granted.
 June 8, 2016:
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Time: 5:30 AM 5:00 AM 5:30 AM 5:00 AM 5:30 AM 6:30 am 7:00 am
Location: Aquatic Center DTWN Aquatic Center DTWN
Heartland Triathlon – Youth Triathlon
Heartland Triathlon – Sprint/Oly
Sport: Swim Bike/Run Swim Run Swim Swim/ Bike / Run  Swim/Bike/ Run
Duration: 1h 30m
90 min bike /
 30 min run
1h 30m Tempo – 90 min 1h 30m 1 hour ride  1 – 2 hours
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