Seated dumbbell curl tips

hereby some  seated dumbbell curl tips, have a great workout !

  1. Sitting on the long side of a bench  may promote a rounded back, which is potentially dangerous to the lower back when lifting the weights. your torso should remain erect throughout the movement.
  2. Hold your breath on the exertion. when you exhale as you raise the dumbbells, you lose stability of the torso, especially of the spine. You may find your trunk “collapsing” as a result, which weakens the pull of the muscles and may cause low-back injury.
  3. Keep your elbows at your sides as you flex. if you elbows move forward, the movement becomes easier but the effectiveness of the muscular contraction decreases because you’re not longer pulling directly against the force of gravity.
  4. Curling both arms at the same time is more efficient. when you alternate arms, you may bend sideways on each repetition. If your back is slightly rounded as you bend to the side, it creates a greater potential for low-back injury.
source : muscle & fitness

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