December 30 – January 3, 2016

Look around your kitchen. What do you see? if you said “cookies,” there’s a go  fresh_berries.jpgod chance you’re overweight. Junk food on the kitchen is likely to lead to weight gain, a study in Health Education and Behavior found. Among men who kept baked goods visible in their kitchen, 39 percent were obese while just 6 percent were slender. ( A bowl of fruit was more typical for the slim guys.) When you’re hungry you great the first quick, no prep snack you see, says researcher Drew Hanks, Phd.D so keep low-calorie options- like proportioned bags of nuts or fresh fruit – at the ready.
New Weekly Schedule:
  • Monday – Swim – Aquatic Center – 5:30 am
  • Tuesday – Bike Trainer/Run – Downtown YMCA – 5:00 am
  • Wednesday – Swim – Aquatic Center – 5:30 am
  • Thursday –  Run – Downtown YMCA – 5:00 am
  • Friday – Holiday – Lucky’s Lake Swim – 7:45 am
  • Saturday – Bike – Killarney Station – 7:30 am
    • 2 – 3 hours
  • Sunday – Run -On your own. Workout will be provided on Thursday.
Advanced Cycle, YMCA of Central Florida, NormaTec Recovery, David’s World Cycle, Track Shack, Rudy Project.

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