Holiday Party – December 19, 2015

The Central Florida Tri Club will be hosting there 9th Annual Holiday party on December 19, 2015. The location will be held at Zachary Sinnott home:
1900 Temple Drive
Winter Park FL 32789
Time: 5 pm – 8 pm
Gift Exchange:
We are doing a holiday gift exchange – White Elephant. So bring a gift that is wrapped and under $25.00
Donate to Knights Pantry at UCF
UCF Students need your help! On UCF campus there is necessary resource available for students in need of food and clothing: the Knight’s Pantry. Since rigorous data collection began in 2011, we have assisted about 9,500 per semester, and that number is increasing annually! In these four years, we have provided over 110,000 pounds of food to UCF students!
A key component to exceling in college includes being able to maintain a healthy sustainable diet and being able to apply for jobs and internships, and hopefully landing an interview. For students who have to choose between buying textbooks and eating, we have found that without expendable income students will attempt to cut corners and go without proper nutrition, hygiene items, or the ability to look professional on job interviews. With a month away from school, and the resources that come with it, winter break can seem daunting for Knights in need.
In order to accommodate our students and offer the best opportunity for success regardless of economic starting point, we have been collecting non-perishable and canned food items, professional clothing for both men and women, and various hygiene items. If you by chance have any not-immediately-perishables, excess toiletries or business clothing and would be willing to donate to UCF Students in need, please consider doing so.