Week of June 12 – 14, 2015

Countdown to races!

Pineapple Man
  • Michelle Hill
  • Michael Hill
  • Patricia Smith
  • Leslie Wolcott
  • Wynne McFarlin
  • Kathy Palazzo
  • Kyle Coon
  • Kim Capps
  • Shannon Sakarati
  • Michael Melton
  • Jennifer Sturgess
  • Steve Dickson
Clermont Sprint – 1st Series
  • Connor Valenswink
  • Jamie Lynn
  • Marco Cortes
  • Dave Kunz
  • Sincy Curley
  • Chester Cooper
Escape of Alcatraz
  • Jennifer Hogan


Enclosed you will find the breakdown for this weekend:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time 5:30 am 5:00 am 5:30 am 5 am 5:30 am 6:30 am OFF
Location Aquatic Center Dtwn YMCA Aquatic Center Dtwn Aquatic Center Kilarney St
Sport Swim Bike/Run Swim/Run Run Swim Bike/Run
Note Endurance Muscular Endurance Bring your running shoes Speed Speed Tempo


Advanced Cycle, YMCA of Central Florida, NormaTec Recovery, David’s World Cycle, Track Shack, Rudy Project.

Six Gap Century Ride

Coming on September 27, 2015 and taking place in Georgia’s Premier Cycling Venue, the Six Gap Century & Three Gap Fifty boasts many of the same roads and mountain climbs as the elite Tour de Georgia. Come ride the Ride of the Pros!

The Six Gap Century’s ultra challenging route takes you up and down six of the steepest climbs in the North Georgia Mountains. Test your stamina with more than 11,200 feet of vertical climbing over the 104 mile course. Elevations for the six gaps in this ride range from 1,400 feet to 3,460 feet. The toughest climb, Hogpen Gap, will test even the strongest riders, averaging a 7% grade for seven miles, with sections as steep as 15%.

100 miles. 11,200 vertical feet. 3,000 friends.

There will be three distances:

  • Six Gap
  • Three Gap (50 miler)
  • Valley (35 miler)
So there are rides for everyone. Bring the family and make it an event.
Register at:
Trip duration:
Arrive September 26, 2015 and Depart September 27, 2015