Save The Children – Nepal

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Save The Children – Nepal Relief

Hour by hour, Save the Children’s relief in earthquake-shattered Nepal grows stronger. But every hour also brings news of children in desperate need as rescue workers and our staff reach battered villages and communities.
Today, our teams distributed tarps that families will use to shelter themselves from the weather. Families with babies received toddler clothing, socks, hats, and blankets to keep these precious children warm. We are rushing other supplies to the scene from inside and outside Nepal. And our international relief experts are enroute to help our local staff scale up these efforts to meet the tremendous needs.

You’ve likely seen the terrible photos of the damage. Imagine being a child whose family has lost their home…trying to understand what’s happened and what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow may bring a Save the Children team with lifesaving relief and support that allows children to feel safe and secure again…your gift will help make this possible for girls and boys who wait for someone to care.

I know you do care. And that’s why I’m hoping you’ll join so many of our friends, sponsors and other donors who’ve made a gift to our earthquake relief.