Weekend Update July 17 – 20, 2014

Hi Team,

As you are aware tomorrow morning it is going to be raining. Therefore, I am updating the week schedule. Please review:
 5:00 am
Location: Downtown YMCA
Sport: Bike Trainer / Run
Duration: 2 hours
Friday – 
5:30 am
Location: Aquatic Center
Sport: Swim
Duration: 90 min
7:30 am
Location: Advance Cycle
Sport: Group Ride – Easy / Moderate
Duration: 40 miles
6:30 am
Location: Kilarney Station – Clermont, FL
Sport: Bike / Run
Duration: 2 – 4 hours
6:00 am
Location: Downtown YMCA
Sport:  Run
Duration: 1hour 40 minutes
Thanks and Ill see you in the morning,



Hector L Torres

Head Coach / Central Florida Tri Club